Make a new false friend

Ever since we opened our Los Angeles studio, we have been taking our art into new territories. Working with wood allows us to bring a classic sculptural medium into the coarse world. We love how its warmth and natural grain give each piece unique accents and how the finish of different woods can drastically alter a piece’s mood.

We are excited to share with you the latest release in our coarse original wood series, Glitch. This pair finds the defiant paw! with his new false friend, arrow, perched atop his head. paw! is enraged in walnut and white oak, and arrow sits innocently in white gloss resin in both editions.

Glitch, made from solid wood and resin, is entirely crafted in our Los Angeles studio, and due to the work-intensive process, both editions are limited to only 50 pieces. Each figure stands 9” [approx. 22.8 cm] tall and will arrive in a screen-printed wooden box.

Available October 13, 2016

Glitch – Walnut
6900 HKD [889 US$, 804 Euro]

Glitch – White Oak
6900 HKD [889 US$, 804 Euro]

Orders will ship winter 2016/2017. Prices include global shipping.

Both editions of Glitch will go on sale Thursday, October 13 exclusively at the coarse online store at the following times:

08:59 am Los Angeles
11:59 am New York
05:59 pm Berlin
11:59 pm Hong Kong


Glitch – Walnut





Glitch – White Oak