jaws and aura

Vibrations of new life

Today, a brand new batch of noops is born into the world. Though they look human, they are something else: a fragile fruit born on a special branch, destined to live one year in a world known as the elastomer.

Some have withered in the heat of the elastomer’s sun, and they are helpless as they hang there, destined to never fully form as they barely live their hopeless lives.

But two have grown strong side by side, and when a new day finally comes, they snap open their sticky eyes, fall to the ground, and take in the world around them. They twist out of their torn membranes and the gelatinous fluids that remain in their shells, and their innocence radiates around them, sending a serene vibration throughout the elastomer.

They have fallen down beside the armor of the noops that have lived before them. On one side, an indestructible shark’s visor; on the other, the head, arms, and feet of a fearless dragon. As the noops put on their new treasures, they send a different kind of vibration throughout the elastomer—one that sends birds flying toward the sky, and the smallest creatures scurrying underground.

The two noops only have one year to live in the elastomer, and although they do not known what fate awaits them after that, they know that in this moment they can go out to the world, face the unknown, and feel the blissful force of finally being alive.

Don't be alone

Jaws is one of coarse’s most iconic designs and was first released in vinyl over ten years ago. The new Jaws - Half Moon [26.5 cm] is a rare opportunity to add this coveted design to your collection.

To celebrate the return of Jaws, we will also be releasing Aura [35.5 cm], an impressive new sculpture that explores the parts of ourselves that can no longer remain hidden. As a dragon encompasses noop, he wonders who created this fearless force and how long it has been residing within him.

Jaws – Half Moon contains noop, a removable shark helmet, and a non-stick pad to keep the helmet atop his head as he explores his new surroundings. Aura – Half Moon comes with noop and his dragon companion firmly fixed around his body, ensuring that he and his aura will never be apart. The figures are securely packed inside separate color-printed gift boxes and embedded in black sponge.

The noops don’t yet know what awaits them in their world. Show them how beautiful life can be.

Save a noop, save a soul

Jaws and Aura – Half Moon
Set of two figures [not available individually]
US$ 360

Jaws and Aura will go on sale Thursday, November 8, 2018 at the following times exclusively at coarse.shop.

07:59 am Los Angeles
10:59 am New York
04:59 pm Berlin
11:59 pm Hong Kong

Each bundle contains one Family & Friends application card. Collect three of these cards to have access to pre-booking of all releases, and exclusive benefit for Family & Friends members.

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