Cold Ways








A Fable

coarse has always believed in using art toys as a form of visual storytelling, and over the years those stories have become darker and more complex. In partnering with writer Andrew Greenberg, we present Cold Ways, our most intricate story yet. This illustrated fable explores the world introduced by the 2015 vinyl set Permanent Guest. Cold Ways includes all five chapters of Raccoon and Fish's journey to reach the ocean, and it is the foundation for a series of sculptures first displayed at displayed at Rotofugi in 2016. 

Cold Ways
By Sven Waschk and Andrew Greenberg

Hardcover book with dust jacket
73 pages with over 30 illustrations
8'' x 10'' / 72 pages

Isbn: 978-0-692-75308-8

All he did was chase a dragonfly. Now Raccoon is lost in a desert far away from his mother and the forest where he belongs. But a chance encounter with a fish in a bathtub may help him find his way back home.

Fish promises to grant Raccoon a wish in exchange for pulling him to the ocean, and together they embark on a perilous journey. But all is not as it seems for Raccoon, and as their expedition takes frightening turns, Raccoon learns a moral he will spend the rest of his life wishing he could forget.

Cole Ways is a dark, modern take on classic fables. Inspired by the haunting worlds of the German artist duo known as coarse, the story blends their artwork with narrative to tell a tale about the dangers of straying too far from home.