Omen Fade


It was a season for saying goodbye.

Leaves called farewell to branches that no longer held them, and snow waved to the sky as it drifted away from the only life it ever knew. The sun said so long as it dipped its head behind the trees each day earlier than the last, and the moon moaned goodbye to itself, dissolving night by night until all that remained in the sky was a pale parenthesis, bracketing what no longer remained.
But for the omens, this goodbye was not like the rest.

Dedicated to Roman Shevchenko
1978 – 2014

omen fade

This release is dedicated to Roman Shevchenko, one of our dearest collectors who passed away unexpectedly in 2014. The coarse family misses him and we hope this figure will help keep memories alive and his presence around. Proceeds of this release will be donated to his wife and family.

In order to help Roman's family as much as possible we decided to not limit this release. The preorder remained open for 72 hours.

The vinyl figure stands approximately 7'' tall [17.5 cm] and comes in 2 editions: Infinity [bright] and Requiem [dark]. omen fade will travel in a colour printed gift box and embedded in soft sponge. Each figure includes one family & friends code card.