The vanishing woods

Daylight is here, and ZigZag can no longer take cover in the darkness. He used to know this forest so well, but he has been going in circles for days. The child’s laughter is not distant anymore, so ZigZag emerges from his hiding spot and runs. No matter how far he travels, the laughter always finds him.

ZigZag can barely catch his breath. I used to be a tree, he remembers. He stops running, plants his feet in the ground and reaches his arms to the sky. I can become a tree again, he thinks, but the child’s laughter is louder now. It is the only thing he hears.


Keep ZigZag safe from harm

First available for pre-sale at this year's Thailand Toy Expo, ZigZag's official release is almost here. This Amanda Visell design sculpted and brought to life by coarse finds a young stump trying to survive as children chop down the trees around him and reduce them all to firewood. This set takes the sweeping scene of Last Days of Autumn and condenses it for smaller spaces, making it perfect for your desk at work or your nightstand at home. With ZigZag at your bedside, you can save him in your dreams.

With Visell’s signature painting style, ZigZag comes in two hand-painted editions. Shiver finds ZigZag in an icy blue with white accents, and Katsura depicts ZigZag in midnight blue.

Each edition is 4.5’’ [approx. 11.5 cm] tall and contains one frightened stump, one proud child, a removabale axe, one chunk of wood ZigZag has already lost, and a stand for the child’s feet. ZigZag will arrive hiding silently in black sponge and in a colour-printed gift box, which includes one coarse Family & Friends code card.

ZigZag runs left, then right, then left again, trying to outrun the inevitable. But maybe with you, he will finally find somewhere safe to rest. T